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Cardholder acknowledges and agrees that the Company SimplyElectricFireplaces.com is relying on the validity of the card being presented to complete this transaction and agrees to the following terms and conditions by proceeding to the “Buy Now” stage. TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Any provision of payment information is the responsibility of the cardholder and COMPANY will be held harmless in all respects. Cardholder understands they have a fiduciary duty to safeguard any payment cards registered to them in a secure place and report misplaced or stolen cards immediately and agrees to reimburse COMPANY for any credit or debit cards offered as payment that have not been reported as lost or stolen to their financial institution.

Cardholder acknowledges and understands that COMPANY is relying on the veracity of all payment information being provided and that authorization from the payment card company constitutes full and final proof of the liability of the cardholder for any and all financial obligations. Cardholder agrees to pursue all avenues with the COMPANY to resolve any and all claims through the company’s refund policies and in the event of the policy stating that NO REFUNDS will be given; cardholder relinquishes all rights to claim any full or partial refund amount.

Cardholder agrees to immediately reimburse COMPANY for any financial loss and all costs incurred in recovery of any amounts upon notification by COMPANY in the event of cardholder registering any claim outside of these terms and conditions. Cardholder understands that COMPANY is utilizing reasonable security measures to validate all transactions and that authorization of these transactions by the financial institution upon processing any transaction constitutes final proof of Cardholder’s liability.

Cardholder acknowledges, understands and agrees that shipment of any item by COMPANY to any address whether it is the registered address of the card or not, will constitute agreement with all the terms and conditions contained herein and will not in any manner be grounds for non payment.

Method of Payment:
No matter what your methods of payment, you can be rest assured that the information is secure. Your total at checkout will include any provincial/federal taxes as well as any shipping or handling charges.  We currently offer free shipping for orders over $1,500 anywhere in Canada. Contact us for shipping rates to U.S. and international destinations. Any taxes, duties or import costs that arise from import to the U.S. are the responsibility of the purchaser. 

We accept:

  • VISA
  • AMEX

Once your order has been received, you will get an email from us giving you your tracking number and your receipt. It is done this way because the freight company will be picking up the product from our warehouse, and we make it a policy not to allow the shipper to have a copy of your receipt with your personal information.