Q: Why should I buy from Simply Electric Fireplaces?
We offer the largest selection of electric fireplaces in Canada and ship all over the country. We offer free shipping all over Ontario.  We have been selling electric fireplaces for over fourteen years and are an established family business that has a positive working relationship with all the manufacturers.  We offer great selection and competitive pricing with superior service. 

Q: Do I need any special wiring or outlet for an electric fireplace?
A: Most of the Electric Fireplaces plug into a standard wall outlet. This would account for 90% of the units.  However, there are contractor unit’s that can be hard wired.

Q: Will the Electric Fireplace heat my room?
A: Electric Fireplaces can heat up to 400 square feet. There are some Electric Fireplaces that can be 120V or 240V wired. They can heat larger areas.With many units, you can choose between light settings, heat and light or heat only – so you can adjust your setting with the seasons or your preferences.

Q: Are electric fireplaces costly to run?
A: No, electric fireplaces are quite efficient.  Depending where you live in Canada, average operating costs are approximately 2 cents per hour without heat and 11 cents per hour with heat. (This is for a 5,000 B.T.U heater.)  To compare, gas fireplaces are designed to heat larger area's with an average cost of 20c per hour.

Q: Are electric fireplaces difficult to operate?
A: Most of the units we sell come with a remote control so you can choose your settings by simply pressing a few buttons.  Some of the larger units have remotes with built-in thermostats. Other units have the controls behind a lift-up panel for easy operation.

Q: Do all the fireplace inserts have heaters?
A:  Generally yes, but there are some built-in wall units that don't have heaters.

Q: Are all the Electric Fireplaces supplied with plugs?

A: The units that are 120V do come with plugs. The units that do not come with plugs are generally for the builders market and need to be hard wired. Typically those units are wired to a 220V so they can provide 5,000 B.T.U or 10,000 B.T.U - which ever the home owners require.

Q: Do electric fireplaces require any special venting or access to outside air?
A: No venting is required - all the units are vent free. This is because there is no naked flame.  That is why electric fireplaces are perfect for apartments, condos, rental units and boats.

Q: Does the glass get hot? Can it cause burns?
A: The glass never gets hot. It is only there for aesthetic purposes.  That is why electric fireplaces are preferred by many families with young children and pets.

Q: Are there any maintenance issues with electric fireplaces?
A: Some electric fireplace models use incandescent bulbs, so you may need to change them every three to four years. (These are standard AOW small based chandelier bulbs.)
Some of the newer models come with L.E.D lights. These generally have a life of 30,000 to 40,000 hours before they need changing, so they are low to no maintenance.

Q: How portable are the unit?  Can they be moved easily?
A: Yes, electric fireplaces can go where you go!  Simply unplug and move the unit to another wall or house.  One tip for transporting the unit is to take the insert out of the mantel to reduce weight, and then just move it to its new location.

Q: What is the construction of the mantel?
A: Most are veneer over board with hardwood trims constructed to the highest quality by manufacturers.

Q: How do you ship your electric fireplaces?
A: Usually, they come in two boxes. One box will contain the mantels pieces and the second box the electric fireplace.  Our electric fireplaces have been specially designed for easy assembly - just follow the instructions.  All units are well packed to ensure they arrive at your door in great condition.

Q: Are there any smells or fumes from this unit?
A: There are no smells or odors from the unit.  You may get a smell from the heater the first time you use the unit, but it usually goes away after a few moments once the heater has warmed up.

Q: Once I have purchased the unit, when can I expect it to arrive?
A: Your order is usually shipped 2-6 days after the order is placed. Shipping time may vary depending where you are located, but will normally arrive within 5-12 days.

Q: Can I purchase with confidence when buying online from Simply Electric Fireplaces?
A: We are authorized dealers for all the manufacturers you see on this site.  As a major Canadian retailer, we do not purchase through third parties.  Therefore, all the products have warranties that have been backed by the manufacturers.  In addition,this is a secure site so you can pay with confidence knowing your transaction will not be compromised by others. Your personal information will not be shared by others.

Q: How can I reach you if I have questions or issues?
We are happy to answer any questions by email or our toll free number.  Not sure which model to choose?  Our experienced sales consultants can help you make the right choice.  We want you to be completely satisfied with your selection and our service.

Q. Do you ship to any countries outside of Canada?
A.  Not at this time.

Q.  Are your prices in US $?
A.  No, our prices are in Canadian $.

Q.  Is tax included with the price?
A.  No.  Once you place your order, the appropriate tax H.S.T will be added.